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Born from the womb of a speaker-box and raised by an elite group of audio gypsy disciples far below the urban asphalt of the \/\//estside's highest point... Seattle, WA. USA 


Back in the early to mid 90's I started making Mixtapes (or more appropriately named), "pause-tape Mixtapes" using a tape deck and individual sound clips from my favorite Rap & Hiphop tracks. The process was brutal, lengthy and completely ghetto... Not to mention the fact that I couldn't (even if my life depended on it), give an accurate number of how many tape players, boombox's, stereo's, and ghetto blaster's that I destroy'd throughout those years.
None the less, I stayed true to the ghetto style and over time I had created well over two hundred plus mixtapes that way, full length 90minute recordings, both sides A & B. I Still have a lot of them today.

In 1993' I had been introduced to Seattle's underground music scene and all of it's included elements. And all though I'm not an overly spiritual man, I can guarantee that the moment I had entered into that world for my first time... You can trust and believe that it would of qualified as a serious fuk'n religious experience of some sort. Guaranteed.
Now I ain't sayin' that I'd seen Jesus himself, fist poundin' with glow sticks ("candy-raver" kids weren't really my type), but I will go as far as to say that I did see um' wear'n an all red Adidas fit and battle'n some other B-boy in the middle of a break dance circle... That I am sure of.
What were you doing at 14 in a half years old?

Some time in the late 90's, I hustled up my first set of turntables and mixer... A pair of Technics 1200 MKII's and a two channel Numark mixer. I Experimented, explored, entertained, and spun wax for barley over a year before I ended up selling it all along with my collection of vinyl. I don't know why exactly, but I think it had something to do with my parents kicking me out. Or as mom would say, "The time has come to introduce yourself to the rest of the world because their all waiting". pffttt. Translation: Your almost 18 now and to be honest, I'm just not that cool with coming home from work everyday to a house full of weed smokin' Bboy's straight bump'n them breakbeats, SO BEAT IT!!!

Around the same time as the new millennium was beginning, I felt that the overall scene in Seattle had began to loose it's... I dunno. Whatever it was that it had before. You could say, the realness of it all.
I ignored the transition at first but as soon as the ("rave") warehouse parties went from the dark unoccupied bare structures deep within Seattle's industrial area's to our professional sport arena's or even worse, the same venue everytime (Like Naf Studios). That's when it started get'n ugly. When the parties and events started having companys like Gameworks & Woodland Park Zoo sponsor them and charge 25.00$+ per ticket (with no re-entry)... The outlook was lookin' really grim. And then, as to not leave any question or doubts about whether the scene had become completely fucked or not... How about walking up to a party and seeing the S.P.D (Seattle Police Dept.) at the front entrance's conducting pat downs and bag checks?!?! What in the fuc... Would you be cool with that? Well, not me. And it's not because I had something (I wasn't able) to hide, no. But it did make the overall experience seem completely... acceptable. Now they'd all become an open invitation event sponsored by Wild Waves theme park hosted by our local law enforcement agency's. Weeeeeeee!?! No thanks, I'm out.

And for the record... Yes I do blame it on the young new school candy raving poser kids who picked up their fliers at "Above-The-Belt" in the mall who starting showing up and would constantly overdosed on the bunk drugs they were sold, for the near extinction of the Scene.

Around 2003' I started using computer software, applications and audio programs to produce and re-produce original tracks and remixes. I've remained loyal to producing music ever since.

In mid 2011' I purchased the Numark NS7fx DJ controller, a pair of 5 ft. Peavy, dual 15"s speaker stacks, 2 three way JBL, PA speakers, 2 JBL, monitor's, an enclosed sub-woofer w/ dual 18"s and two Crown power amp's with 5000 Watts of face melting power.
After a few weeks of getting used to the equipment, becoming comfortable and confident enough to advertise my skills and availability, I slowly began to network. Since than I've preformed in a variety of sports bars & clubs in and around the Seattle Metro area and last holiday season I headlined both a Halloween and Christmas party/event.

February 18, 2012' I will be preforming at, Studio7 in Seattle at an event called, "XOXO", bangin' out the breakz.

__And beginning in March and continuing until February 2013', a bi-weekly residence in and around the Seattle area playing for Solar Brother Productions events.

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